2019 New Requirement On Photos For Chinese Visa Form – Visa Photos

2019 new requirement on photos for Chinese visa form should really not be a problem to you at all as I will be showing you here Photo requirements for Chinese visa application as well as Chinese Visa Requirements.

Chinese Visa Application in USA, India, South Africa, Nigeria and other with Requirements, Fee, Processing Time has really been on people mind to know about. But just like I have just said, you will be knowing all that here in this post today.

Meanwhile, if you have been following our daily post update, then Requirements for Chinese Visa Application won’t be your problem at all. However, you can as well check this out (China Visa Application Form 2019 Online, Requirements & How to Apply) if you’ve missed out on that.

So without taken much of the time here in this post, kindly check below to see all you really need to know about this 2019 New Requirement On Photos For Chinese Visa Form

2019 New Requirement On Photos For Chinese Visa Form

Applicant is required to submit one photo while applying for Chinese visa According to the instruction from Chinese Embassy in Singapore. And Below is the Photo Requirements for Chinese Visa Application

>>> 1. With must be a recently taken white background color photo within the last 6 months. NOTE: While taking the photo,please face the camera with the entire head and face clearly visible. The facial expression should be neutral with eyes open, lips closed and ears visible.2019 New Requirement On Photos For Chinese Visa Form - Visa Photos

>>> 2. Photo size: 48mmx33mm, width of head: 15mm to 22mm, height of head: 28mm to 33mm. Please refer to the picture below:

>>> 3. Head position: ≤20°left or right tilt, and ≤25°up or down tilt. There should be no extra movement or objects visible in the photo.

So this is the three main requirements you really need to meet up with when you are taking your paper Photo For Visa Application. However, Below are also other important things you really have to take note of also.


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  • >>> Facial features should be complete and clearly visible, with the head centered in the photo. Eyeglasses are allowed except thick-rimmed, tinted or glare glasses. Hat or other head wears are only permitted due to religious reasons, but any facial features should not be obscured.
  • >>> There should be no damages or impurities on the photo, no permeation or shadow over the face. A photo should be in natural tone, but not over or under exposed, red-eyed or distorted.
  • >>> Background should be in white, and with no edge frame.2019 New Requirement On Photos For Chinese Visa Form - Visa Photos

Please refer to the following image above to check if your photo meets these requirements.

So now you have seen the China Visa Photo Requirements 2019, Also check below to check out other information China Visa Application.

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To the the Full description of visa application requirements Please Visit Here. Once you visit the line you will see all you really need to know. You can as well Check this out here >>> China Visa Application Form 2019 Online, Requirements & How to Apply

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  1. Our daughter is working in China ( in Hangzhou) and we want to visit her in September and use the opportunity to travel around there in China. One friend of ours, living in Brazil, is planning to join us as a group of 3 people. My questions:
    1- What kind of Visa do we need to have?
    2- Can we apply here in Ottawa and our friend apply there in Brazil?
    3- Can our daughter make an invitation letter for us and one for my friend separatedly?
    4- How long can we stay there?
    5- Besides the ticket should we indicate the places we plan to visit there?
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    1. Please kindly go to your consulate there in China since you are already there and All these questions will be ANSWER. Thanks

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