Best Health Companies: List of Affordable Health Insurance In Florida

If you are looking for the best Health Insurance Plan in the State of Florida, you can find many affordable options on the Florida Health insurance Market Place. In this article, you will find out about the List of Affordable Health Insurance Company In Florida as contained here. There is available Celtic Insurance/Ambetter that typically offers the cheapest health plan.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the best rate in the majority of Florida, and it has offerings in every country. A plan that shoppers can begin looking at is Blue Option Silver 4010, a silver plan that has the lowest premium in nearly third counties. Another health plan that can be cheaper but limited in availability to smaller counties, is the Ambetter balanced care 5.

Aside from the level of coverage you choose, one of the most significant factor in determining health insurance rate is the age of the person insured. A 21-year-old person will receive a 22% cheaper price for health insurance in Florida, on average than a 40-year-old person for the same Metal tier plan. Whereas a 60-year-old man would pay 112% higher monthly premium.

Finding The Best Health Insurance Plans In Florida

Always bear in mind that premiums are not the only cost component when it comes to your health care. Out-of-pocket costs in the form of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance are just as important as to compare when shopping.

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The best cheap insurance for you and your family will depend on your income level and expected health care needed. Households with higher expected medical costs should opt for plans with higher-sharing benefits, while those expecting to be relatively healthy or to need little to no routine care, should look towards the cheaper plan.

List Of Affordable Health Insurance Company In Florida

In Florida, individuals and families have many health insurance coverage options to pick from. Florida has many health insurance companies that offer plans with various levels of benefits and coverage. The following list of companies below offers a Florida health insurance plan and also contains the best you can search online via or Google. Check it out to choose which one of them is most suitable for you

  1. ASSURANT HEALTH INSURANCE: Offers quality products and coverage to over 1 million members sice1982, and they are committed to providing a health insurance plan that has broad coverage and protection.Best Health Companies: List of Affordable Health Insurance In Florida
  2. AVALON HEALTHCARE HEALTH INSURANCE: This is a leading health insurance provider in Florida providing consumer-directed health plans for both individuals and business
  3. AVMED FLORID HEALTH INSURANCE:  AvMed has been a top provider of affordable health insurance solutions for individuals, families and senior citizens.
  4. BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA HEALTH INSURANCE: This is a nonprofit insurance company that provides a wide variety of health insurance plan with superior customer service
  5. CELTIC HEALTH INSURANCE: Celtic concentrates on individual health insurance offering a wide variety of plans
  6. CIGNA HEALTH INSURANCE: Cigna is one of the oldest insurance companies in America providing health insurance and other coverage solutions to millions of consumers around the world
  7. COVENTRY HEALTHCARE INSURANCE: Offers an affordable health insurance solution and a wide range of convenient health care provider networks to receive quality  care
  8. HUMANA HEALTH INSURANCE: Through an affordable health insurance option, Humana helped its members to manage their health care and to make informed health decisions.
  9. JOHN ALDEN: This life insurance company has been selling health coverage throughout America since 1961

Short-Term Health Insurance In Florida

Florida follows the same regulations set by federal guidelines for short-term health insurance. This allows for the plans to provide coverage for up to 12 months and be readable for up to 36 months.

Furthermore, short term plans do not need to cover the essential benefits tat all marketplace Obamacare plans must cover, this includes services like maternity, hospitalization, mental health, and prescription drugs.

You may want to consider purchasing short-term health insurance if you lose employer-sponsored coverage or miss open enrollment for an ACA marketplace policy.

How ever, it is very important to note that short-term plans require medical underwriting and typically do not provide coverage for preexisting conditions.

Other Affordable Alternatives From The Individual Market

There are plenty of health insurance products available for individuals to purchase although they might not cover as many health care needs as that of more expensive major medical plans, they are very affordable and allows those with a limited budget to save coverage in case of emergencies.

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Some health insurance alternatives that could serve as affordable health insurance in Florida, includes the below

  • Short-Term Health Insurance
  • Catastrophic Coverage
  • Packaged Medical Insurance
  • Medical Cost Sharing

Using eHealth Tools

Always keep in mind that you can also use eHealth as a resource for shopping for an individual health insurance plan. If you want coverage that offers the ten essential benefits, then you can search for affordable plans in your area using the eHealth’s tools.

eHealth seeks to provide affordable health insurance options for all different price points, so whether it’s short-term health insurance that is in your budget or a major medical plan with expensive benefits, eHealth can show you your options.

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