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Of course, you work so hard for your business to grow, as well you need a good Business Credit Card to serve you and that your business. Capital One Spark Business Card is what you need and on this article, we will take you through the easy steps to apply. Do you really know that you could put thousands of dollars back into your business with Spark business credit, you get a lot of Unlimited Rewards and also Unlimited Potential. For example, you can actually get cash back rewards.

Aside from the cash back rewards which we will briefly explain in details here in this article, you must also know that as a Spark Card Holder, there are also lots of benefits you enjoy which will be discussed here too.

Cash back reward of 2%

Talking about the unlimited rewards you get from using Spark business card, the reward of 2% cash back you EARN is one of them.

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This simply means that thousands of Dollars will be going back into your business in just a matter of one year. It’s equally the same thing if you choose another cash bach card with amazing rates and benefits.

Offer As A New Cardmember

Spark cash business card offers a great and amazing cash BONUS of $500 to new cardmembers. After you must have spent $3,000 purchases in the first three months from account opening, that’s when you get a bonus of $500. So you really don’t have to worry about the capital one spark business credit limit

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How To Obtain Business Credit Card

Obtaining a business is very simple and easy. See steps below

  • Form an LLC or incorporate to help separate your personal credit card from your company’s
  • Apply for an EIN number…
  • Start up a business bank account…
  • Then apply for a business credit card…

You need to pay all your bill and invoices on time to build your credit history and reputation with Vendors.

Great Benefits Of Spark Credit Card

Spark business cardholder, are entitled to lots of benefits but few will be pointed out here. Aside from the rewards and Bonus offered by Spark credit card, below are also some of the benefits they offer.

  • Protection From Fraud: If your card ever gets lost or stolen, you are covered by the $0 fraud liability policy
  • In case of theft or damages on any item purchased with the business card within the first ninety days, this policy still covers you
  • You equally get additional warranty protection on any eligible items purchased with your business card at no charges. And the warranty last one year after the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can add an employee card at no additional cost and earn all the rewards from their purchases
  • You will not pay a transaction fee when making purchases outside of the United States
  • You can download your purchase records into multiple formats very quickly and securely.

Steps To Capital One Spark Business Card Registration

Before you can actually begin to enjoy all the benefits and rewards enumerated here, you first need to register to become a Spark business cardholder. See below for the steps to take.Capital One Spark Business Card Application

  • Go to their official web page @
  • Click on Sign in at the upper right hand side of your screen
  • Then click on Create account and proceed
  • Select For my business
  • The registration page will show up where you will
  • Enter your personal details and then
  • Click next
  • Follow prompt for your new account

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