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Create My Facebook Avatar USA

With the understanding knowing that Facebook Avatar is a new feature on Facebook that allows Facebook users to create Cartoon versions of themselves called Avatar. Meanwhile, FB Avatar is similar to Bitmoji from Snapchat and Memoji from Apple.Create My Facebook Avatar USA

Facebook Avatar allows you to create beautiful customizable images of yourself that you can use both on Facebook and other social media platforms. The good thing is that these avatars are customizable cartoon characters that you can create to suit your personality and looks and therefore, use it any time you want to express how you feel about something.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free

You should know, accessing the Facebook Avatar Maker is free, simple, and fast. Once you have the Facebook Avatar Maker app installed on your device, you can get started with creating your Facebook avatar. There is so much fun in making use of this amazing feature. Probably you have already seen what a Facebook avatar looks like. That should be enough motivation to make you want to create your very own avatar.

Facebook avatar is one of the most trending Facebook tools right now and trusts me when I say is fun to create and use. I guess you will not also like to miss it out. So quickly check below to see how you can proceed to create yours today.

Make Facebook Avatar: How To Create Facebook Avatar

Before going ahead to create an avatar, you must ensure that you are using the blue Facebook app and not Facebook Lite. You must also have the latest version of the app. Ready to make Avatar on Facebook?  Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Download the latest version of the Facebook app or update your current Facebook app on your device. Do not use Facebook lite or Facebook web.

2. Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap the menu bar (three stacked lines) on your screen. At the lower right corner for iOS and top right corner for Android.

3. Scroll down and tap “See More.”

4. Select “Avatars.”

5. Tap Next and then “Get Started.”

6. Then customize your avatar the way you would want it to be. You can customize your skin, hairstyle, face, eyes, body shapes, nose, and outfit. Apart from the outfits, there are different head wears to choose from such as hijab, baseball hat, or a beret. You can also choose to go for a headband with cat ears.

7. Tap on the checkmark icon in the upper right corner when you’re done customizing your avatar.

8. Finally, tap “Next” and then “Done” to save your avatar.

SEE IMAGE ILLUSTRATION HERE>> Facebook Avatar Menu – How To Create & Use Your Own Facebook Avatar💯💡

So here you go.  So stop searching for How To Create My Facebook Avatar USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc  and quickly make use of the above guide.

Facebook Avatar Maker: Facebook Avatar App | Facebook Avatar Creator

The avatar maker is an integral part of Facebook. It is not a different app of its own. The Avatar maker or Avatar creator is only available on Mobile devices though you can use your avatar on PC you must create the avatar on a Mobile device.

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