Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App โ€“ Free Dating App on Facebook | Download Facebook Dating App. Facebook Dating app is an app design by Facebook that makes it easier and stress-free to meet and start a new conversation with people all over the world who share the same interests. However, it easier to find love through what you like or what you feel.

Facebook Dating App Feature

Facebook dating is not an application but an added feature that can be accessed through Facebook. It is just like other features on Facebook, like the Facebook watch, marketplace and more. The dating feature comes with amazing things that make the platform a lot safer for us users. Like, it matches people based on their similarities. Facebook has a good ranking when it comes to auto-suggestion, so this stands as a good advantage for us users.

The best part of Facebook is its ability to link its features to each other. You can enjoy better connectivity when it comes to Facebook features working together. Trust Facebook is good at that. Some dating app has limits to what they offer, but Facebook has more than you will ever expect. When dealing with dating on Facebook, if you feel they are not serious individuals you can easily check out their profile. You can even use the dating platform as you are making use of other features.

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How Can I use the Facebook Dating App? โ€“ Download

The Facebook dating app isnโ€™t a different app, however, the app is built into the site you only need to have an active account with Facebook then you can get started to access the dating site. The app grabs some of your information from your other profile.

  • Firstly go to the Facebook app
  • Then click on the menu icon at the upper right side of your phone screen
  • Tap on Dating. However, if you didnโ€™t see the option there just tap โ€œsee more option.
  • Click on Get started to make sure you follow the on-screen direction to set up your profile
  • Enter all other basic information such as gender, looking for, your location, and also upload a good picture of yourself.

After doing all this Facebook will generate dating profiles for you by skimming your dating profile then you can now re-adjust your profile to the exact way you want it.

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How Can I Secretly Crush On Facebook Dating App?

For you to do this you need to add up at least nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to your secret crush list by entering their Facebook or Instagram details. Once you add a person to your list they will receive a notification that they were added to someoneโ€™s secret crush list.