Facebook New Avatar

Still searching for Facebook New Avatar? or How to Make Your Own Facebook Avatar? Then check below to see how you can Create Facebook Avatar of your self now.

Facebook New Avatar

The Facebook avatar can only be accessed on the new Facebook app for mobile devices and also not all country has the potential access to it. It only accesses in the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia, Newzealand not enrich other countries yet.

However, the good thing here is that You can also send the Avatar on Facebook stickers in app like Snap chat, Twitter, Mail, and Instagram.

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How to Download the Newly Facebook Mobile App

This is an easy step for you to take. To be able to download it successfully you need some procedure that will guide you through the process. Here in this article steps will guide you through the process.

STEP #1 Lunch your Apple Store for iOS or Google store for Android.

STEP #2 Make use of the search located at the top of the play store page, and enter Facebook App.

STEP #3 Own the App has been found click on it to install and download to your mobile devices.

Once you have finally done that, lunch the Facebook App from your home page mobile phone, enter your phone number or email and password to log yourself in.

How to Access the Facebook Avatar on the Facebook App

If you wont to access the Avatar creator on the Facebook mobile App are very easy once you patiently read and follow the guide given in this article below.

STEP #1 Login in the Facebook app you downloaded.

STEP #2 Locate the three horizontal lines at the bottoms of the Facebook page and click on it.

STEP #3 Scroll down to locate the See More and click on it.

STEP #4 You will find the Avatar icon tap on it to get started.

Now you can now start creating your Facebook avatar creator by following the step that will be showing to your Facebook page screen. Once you can do that you will be able to create your own Avatar and share it to others by commenting, chat in messenger, making use of it has your profile picture.