Facebook Weather Updates On Facebook

Facebook Weather is a feature on Facebook that lets you know the outcome of weather on daily bases. Meanwhile, Facebook Weather Updates On Facebook made it very easy for everyone to know the outcome of the day in other to know when to go out or not depending on the Weather.

How To Get Weather Updates On Facebook happens to be one question most people have been longing to know about but then, it is always important for you to know that FIREST STEP to getting this Weather Update is to have created Facebook Account and Sign In.Facebook Weather Updates On Facebook

So with this understanding above that, you need to have an Account On Facebook before you can get any update on Facebook, then you can quickly VISITE THIS LINK HERE>> (Facebook Account Sign Up Guide & FB Login on www.facebook.com) to get that gone.

How To Get Weather Updates On Facebook

On Facebook, there is a tab or place where you can get steady, regular, and real-time updates concerning the weather.

Moreover, I think is also good you know that Most prominent and popular weather platforms, apps, and channels make use of the platform in getting through to their customers and clients. You can search for these apps and platforms n Facebook and then follow them up.

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Some of these platforms even have their own apps developed on Facebook and from the Facebook platform, you can make use of these apps.

How To Get Facebook Weather Updates Via Facebook Weather Feature

To get real-time updates about the weather via Facebook you will have to firstly log in to your Facebook account. Well for a clear explanation of how you could get updates using the Facebook weather feature, follow the steps below;

  • Log in to your Facebook account at facebook.com
  • On your Facebook account page, at the left column, scroll down and click on the weather button or icon. If you do not find this icon, click on the see more tab and scroll down the list.
  • On the Facebook weather page where you will be redirected to, enter a location on the location box and hit on the search icon.

Immediately you will be provided with weather updates based on the search keyword you entered in the search box.