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Today on this post, we will be talking about Fr44 Insurance Quote Florida and how you can get a FREE quote at an affordable rate particularly in Florida. The fr-44 is a financial responsibility certificate which one must file with the States after a certain conviction that is required after DUI convictions

The fr44 filling was actually created to make sure that a driver convicted of a DUI carries a liability limit of 100/300/50. The state of Florida requires that people convicted of a DUI should carry higher bodily injury and property damage limits to protect the public in the cases they hurt someone in a car accident.

Bear in mind that fr44 insurance is a financial responsibility insurance certificate which is a requirement if a person gets convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol and currently, only the states of Virginia and Florida requires the fr44 insurance.

The Cost Of FR44 Insurance In Florida

You must know that the cost of fr44 insurance is determined by a person’s State minimum liability requirements, and the insurance minimum in Florida is $ 100, 000 for any injury to just one person, then $ 300,000 for injury to two or even more persons, while property damage is at $50,000

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The fr44 filling is mainly required for a period of three years starting from the date of original suspension of your driver’s license but in some cases, the three years starts from when you are convicted of a DUI officially.

How To Reinstate Your License

To reinstate your license is very important and to do that is also very simple and easy. See below for how to go about this.

  • Pay different necessary fines
  • Take DMV- approved traffic school if you wish to
  • Take Drug and Alcohol course
  • Take court-ordered community service hour
  • Complete probation period
  • Complete jail time

NOTE: You will have to go to a Florida DMV office to go through this license reinstatement process.

Required Information Needed For Reinstatement

The following information below is needed from you before an insurer can run a quote for you

  1. Your full name
  2. Your gender
  3. mailing address not P.O Boxes
  4. Phone number
  5. Date of birth
  6. Your relationship status ( married, single, divorced or a widow)
  7. Drivers license number
  8. The State you are licensed in
  9. The State you need the filing in
  10. whether a need an owner or non owner policy
  11. If an owner policy is needed ( the vehicle identification number) on the automobile
  12. Finally, your fr case number ( or conviction number)

How To Find And Get Fr44 Case Number

It’s very important for the duration of your fr44 equipment, getting an fr44 case number and it is not a difficult thing to do at all. It is a nine digit number that starts with four (4)Fr44 Insurance Quote Florida | Free Quotes At An Affordable Rates

  • Go to Florida Drivers License Check Website at
  • You will be taken a page where you will enter your driving license number
  • Provide your full drives license information and then
  • Follow prompt to get your fr44 case number

How To Get Fr44 Insurance Quote Florida At An Affordable Rate

To get your fr44 insurance FREE quote in Florida, you need to take the following steps below carefully, It’s quick fast and simple.

Search for fr44 insurance quotes and see different insurance companies from where you can shop at least 3 companies to ensure you are getting a competitive rate

Go to the official web site of any of insurance companies after your comparison

Click on Get Your Quotes Now

You will be taken to a page where you will fill out your Personal Data

Enter your name, phone number and valid Email address and other information on the form,  and finally Follow the prompt to complete process and get quotes

NOTE: If you need to speak directly with any of the insurance representatives, call their direct customer care line shown on the site page. You can also find cheap Florida fr44 at 


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Florida auto insurance is required to be paid in full for the first policy term per State law. The State of Florida requires you have a Non-Cancellable fr44 insurance due to the DUI. They just want to make sure that if they issue you a driver license, you have high coverage limits and your policy is not canceling. In most cases, you can make monthly payments after the first six months policy term.

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