Global Cash Card Sign In at, Account Activation

If you ever run out of cash in places like gas station, restaurants, grocery stores or retail stores, and you have your global cash card, then there is nothing to worry about since global cash card is used anywhere, either the visa card or master card is generally accepted. Global Cash Card Sign In at, Account Activation and other is what we have to talk about today.

You can actually make internet purchases with global cash card at no fee and you can also access your card account anytime anywhere as well as check your card balance, transfer money, pay bills and lots more. You will only be able to do this from a web-enabled device and the service providers may charge you a little for this as the third party.

All card balances are FDIC- insured for as long as the card is registered in the name of the primary cardholder. Your money is also well protected by regulation E for either the visa or master card zero-liability policies. You can set up an email or text message alert for each deposit and when your card falls below a specified dollar amount.

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How To Apply For Global Cash Card And Check Application Status

The global cash card is issued by global cash and in this article, you find the required steps much easy and fast too. See below for the simple steps you need to applyGlobal Cash Card Sign In at, Account Activation

  • Firstly, you need to visit their home page at and use the details on the web page
  • Then to check the application status, just call this number  866-929-8096,
  • And provide them with your application reference number

NOTE: If for any reason you want to cancel your credit card, all need to do is to call the bank customer care on this number 888-220-4477 or 949-751-0360 to close up the account.

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Necessary Criteria For Application

There are certain criteria which users of this card must meet up to before a successful application can be carried out. Some of those criteria are listed out below

  • Every user must be at least 18 years of age
  • Users must have a social security number
  • Users must also be a resident of US
  • Users must have a government issued photo ID

Global CashCard Sign In at

You will need to login to your account online for you to be able to have access to your account online. The few steps below will guide you on that

  • Go to
  • At the right-hand side of your screen click on Login/Sign up
  • You will be taken to a login page
  • enter your user name and click on the login
  • Then follow the prompts to successfully login
  • You can also visit on or Google to review your transaction and balance information.

So this is how you can proceed to your Global Cash Card Sign In at However, you can also check below to see the global cash card activation process

How To Activate Your Cash Card For Easy Login

Before you can be able to log in your global cash card, you must first have a card account and we will show you here and now the simple steps you need to take to activate a card account. Check below

  • Go to
  • At the right-hand side of your screen click on Login/Sign up
  • On the signup page, enter your name and password And then  click on sign up
  • The next page will ask if you an account or not, your answer should be No
  • To begin account set up on the next page, you will enter your personal data which includes
  • your first name, last name, your Unique ID and your employer’s name
  • You will also need to pass through I’m not a robot before you then click on Continue
  • Follow the prompts for the final steps to activate and own your global cash card

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Great Benefits For Every Global Cash Cardholder

Global cash has got lots of offers that only global cash cardholders are entitled to. Cardholders of a global cash card, have access to enjoy the following benefits below

  1. You can take your global cash card to your next employer since it’s your personal property
  2. You can receive payments on your off days and holidays with direct transfer of funds to play cards
  3. All pay card funds are FDIC secured
  4. You can load tax refunds or other deposits directly on to the paycard
  5. Pay your bills online with other merchants using global cash card pay bill system
  6. You can load an additional fund onto the paycard from any Moneygram or any Western Union location( The third party may charge you a little for this )
  7. There is absolutely no reason not to pay you no matter what
  8. You can give a designated family your card and allow him access to money
  9. Your money in the paycard is protected by a 4-digit Pin.

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