Netflix Account Registration Steps

Join Netflix today for your easy running and screaming Video. Netflix Account Registration process is carefully listed out in this article so take your time to read carefully and follow the given instructions here. Believe me when I tell you that this process is quick and simple. You can sign up for Netflix on the official website of the company or even on the company’s mobile app and once have successfully done this, you will be given a one-month FREE trial membership as a first timer where you can really play around with the site and then try different service model.

Despite your free trial you will still need to provide a credit card or other payment method and you will not be charged for service if you decide to opt out and CANCEL your membership before the end of the trial month. You can watch Netflix programs all through the trial period.

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Netflix Plans

Netflix offers various Plans ( option). For example, they offer a basic plan, standard plan, Premium plan, Blu Ray and DVD plan. But basically, there are three different viewing option you can choose from which is

  • Basic Option which allows you to watch Netflix on just one device at a time excluding videos
  • Standard Option – Here you get HD quality videos and if you want to watch with others, all you need to do is share your password with them and you can both watch at the same time
  • Premium Option where you can watch up to 4 different programming at the same time

Features Of Netflix Screaming Service

Check below for some of the amazing Features of Netflix streaming service that will make you love and enjoy the service

  • Your family and friend can share their Netflix account at three different pricing models
  • When you upgrade to the Standard Plan, your account would then be allowed for USERS to watch Netflix programming on Two different devices at a time
  • Then with Premium screaming Plan, you can watch Netflix programing on Four different devices also at the same time.
  • You enjoy free one-month membership trial

Simple Process Of Netflix Account Registration

At this point, you need your own account to become a member and believe me, this process of registration is actually very easy and simple as long as you have a good network connection. Follow the steps below

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  • To start, visit Netflix official website in your web browser and once the page opened, click on “WATCH FREE FOR 30 DAYS”Netflix Account Registration Steps
  • Next step is to select a plan that’s right for you. So click on the SEE THE PLANS,How To Get Netflix Account For Free - Netflix Account Registration and choose from the three subscription options offered (Basic, Standard, and Premium). Once you’ve made your selection, click Continue. How To Get Netflix Account For Free - Netflix Account Registration
  • The next step is to create your account. To do this, all you’ll need is to enter an email address and password. Fill in the fields, and click Register:
  • The last step is to select a method of payment. You can choose between payment by credit card or PayPal. Enter your payment information, and click Start to begin your membership. You will now be granted one-month access to Netflix’s full library of media.

So for those of you asking for Netflix Free Trial for 3 months, first thing first is to proceed with this above guide in other to get the 1 month free Trial first. However, You can cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period up to one day before the expiration date. An email reminder will be sent to you as an extra precaution.