I Can't Create My Avatar On Facebook

If you are also among those I Can’t Create My Avatar On Facebook, then this Facebook Avatar App Link Free guide on how you can see yours today is just for you.

Facebook avatar is a new feature that was first launched a few months ago. And with this feature, you can make a cartoon of your self and use it on your social media account for fun.

I Can’t Create My Avatar On Facebook

The good news here is that The steps it takes in accessing this link to create your Facebook avatar is very easy. I would be showing you these steps later on in this article. For starters, the Facebook avatar link lives as a tab inside the Facebook menu. Before this feature would be accessible to you, you must first make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Facebook application.

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Nevertheless, it might interest you to know that The Facebook avatar maker app is totally free to use of which the app can easily be updated through the google play store or iOS application store. So without taking much of the time here again, I will like you to quickly check below to see How To Make Facebook Avatar for Free.

Facebook Avatar Maker App Download

Downloading the Facebook avatar maker application is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below;

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Find the default application store on your device and click on it.
  • Wait for the store to be loaded.
  • When it is loaded, hit the search bar and make a search for “Facebook”.
  • The Facebook application page on the app store should now be open, find the “update” button on the page and click on it. If you don’t find the “update” button, click on “install”.

Wait for the app to be updated or installed and that’s it.


Creating your avatar on Facebook is very easy. Follow the steps below to create your own avatar on Facebook.

  1. Open the application drawer on your device.
  2. Find the Facebook application you just updated or installed on your device and click on it.
  3. After the application loads, you should be signed in if you already signed in before updating the app. If you aren’t signed in, simply do so.
  4. After signing in, click the hamburger menu at the top or bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. From the menu that would now be displayed, scroll to the bottom, and hit the “See More” link.
  6. A new menu would now be loaded, click on “Avatar” from that menu.
  7. Hit “Get Started” at the bottom of the page when you are prompted.

You should now be redirected to the avatar creator page where you would have all the options you need to customize your avatar. Simply use these options to customize your avatar to your taste and that’s it.