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Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19 you really need to know about is what will be looking into for you all. Meanwhile, is good you know that A secure email service is the easiest way to keep your emails private. Not only do they guarantee secure and encrypted email, but they also protect anonymity.

Most Secure Email Provider 2017 list was trying to be as the same to this Best Secure Email & Best Email Service for 2018-2019 following the rating of most users.

You see, Most people do see Best Secure Email Outlook as one of them as one of the best while other ask “IS OUTLOOK SECURE?“. However, if you are among those that is also wondering about it then you just have to let it do as I will be showing you Secure Email Service Providers list below

So without taking much time here in this post, I will like to show you some tips you will use in identifying Top Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19. So check them out below…

What to Look for in a Private and Secure Email Service Provider

Below are what one may look forward to seeing in a Secure Email Providers:

Like you show know that Email was not designed with privacy and security in mind, and what little security is available today is a bolt-on solution.

Email itself is as insecure as it was decades ago, but stronger authentication methods to get to the stored email and encryption for the emails themselves and server connections are now available that may keep email around a bit longer yet.

Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19

>>> ProtonMail is a free, open-source, encrypted email provider based in Switzerland. It works from any computer through the website and also via the Android and iOS mobile Review: ProtonMail Registration, Login & ProtonMail App

One amazing thing about this ProtonMail is that other people can get a hold of your messages. However, ProtonMail is so secure that it can’t recover your emails if you forget your password. below are other features

ProtonMail Features

  • Two-factor authentication option.
  • Lets you send password protected, encrypted messages even to non-ProtonMail users.
  • Can compose messages with images and rich text formatting.
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Can download your PGP keys.
  • CSV contact imports are supported.

>>> Hushmail is another encrypted email service provider that’s been around since 1999. It keeps your emails secure and locked behind state-of-the-art encryption methods so not even Hushmail can read your messages; only someone with the password.

Just like normal, you can always send encrypted messages to both users of Hushmail and nonusers who have accounts with Gmail Account, Outlook Mail, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, or another similar email client.

However, most people like it because it also has the feature that gives you the option to choose from a variety of addresses like @hushmail,,,, and below are other features.

Hushmail Features

  • Supports IMAP and POP.
  • Two-step verification option.
  • Works through the web or the iOS app, although there’s also a mobile web version that works on all mobile platforms.
  • Contacts can be imported via a CSV file.
  • Comes with 10GB of email storage.
  • You can sign up to get notifications in any other email account — even non-Hushmail ones — when you get an email in Hushmail.
  • Supports setting an email signature.
  • Includes a spam filter.
  • Auto-response can be enabled.
  • Unlimited email aliases can be made with the address to mask your identity online.
  • Various email settings can be changed.

>>> Tutanota is similar to ProtonMail in its design and security level. All Tutanota emails are encrypted from the sender to the receiver and decrypted right on the device. The private encryption key is not accessible to anyone else.Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19

I guess everyone will love a web interface that is easy to use and understand, letting you make an email private or not private with one click. That is one good thing about Tutanota

However, you can create a Tutanota email account with any of the following suffixes:,,,,

More Tutanota Features

  • Free accounts include 1 GB of space.
  • Open source.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Custom folders can be made to organize emails.
  • Any email address can be marked as spam to prevent future messages.
  • File attachments are supported.
  • Passwords are salted and hashed with bcrypt.

>>> CounterMail offers a thoroughly secure implementation of OpenPGP encrypted email in a browser, this is for those seriously concerned with email privacy.

One amazing feature about this email is that Only encrypted emails are stored on CounterMail servers. However, check below to see other features.

CounterMail Features

  • Supports IMAP.
  • Lets you modify lots of settings for your account.
  • Doesn’t keep IP address logs.
  • Forms can be built to send results to your email.
  • Uses anonymous email headers.
  • Works in a browser and through an iOS app.
  • Includes a built-in password manager called Safebox.
  • Supports email filters.
  • Includes several identities that you can use to receive mail in your primary CounterMail inbox.

>>> Mailfence is security-centric email provider that features end-to-end encryption to ensure that nobody can read your messages but you and the recipient.

However, that is not just the only features, so check then out below.

Mailfence Features

  • Emails are digitally signed to prove authorship.
  • Supports two-factor authentication.
  • Doesn’t use ads.
  • Blocks spam messages.
  • Email settings are open for customization and tweaking.
  • Can buy credits to send faxes and text messages.
  • Contacts can be imported from Outlook, CSV file, vCard, LDIF, or Gmail.
  • Messages in the EML format can be imported.
  • Includes a calendar and file storage for documents.
  • Can send mail through the address you used to sign up such as your Gmail address.

So that is all. And now that you know that ProtonMail, Tutanota, CounterMail, Mailfence, and Hushmail are the Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19, is also good you know that this following below are also part of the list.

Other Best Secure Email & Best Email Service

Below are Some other email providers you can check out:

  1. Mailfence
  2. Mailbox
  3. Runbox
  4. Neomailbox
  5. Cryptoheaven
  6. Lavabit
  7. Startmail

I guess this Most Secure Email Provider 2018-19 is very helpful? Please just in case you want to create an Account with any of them, you kindly click on any of them or visit the official link

Please also remember to use the comment box below in dropping your opinions or questions and we will get back to you soonest.

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