Free Ping Express Mobile App Download To Send Money To Nigeria

Have you been Looking for How or BEST easy way to send Money To Nigeria, South Africa, United States and every other part of the country with ZERO Fees on your first transfer? Then I must say you really need to get Ping Express Mobile App Download For Free to your mobile phone.

Over Millions of people all around the world or if not Billions have already found out about this PingExpress before your, and just in case you really don’t know, with ping express you are sure of three this

Instant transfers.
Low fees.
Efficient Service.

That is really not all, Once you have download the Ping Express App to your Mobile Phone and also Sign Up to own an Account or Profile with this amazing Online Money Transfer platform, then you pay no fees on your first transfer. Other benefits once stand the chance of enjoy is just listed below

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Why You Need To Register With PING EXPRESS

Below are other benefits why you need to sign up With Ping Express

1 This Ping Express is 100% Secure & licensed by Banking regulators to offer the service.
2 Competitive rates.
3 High-Tech Platform with the convenience of mobile apps.
4 Instant deposit to bank accounts and mobile money.
5 Trusted by thousands in multiple countries.

However, this is why I will be taking my time here in this post today in showing you how to Transfer money to your loved ones the Ping Expressway

So before learning how to sign up for Ping Express, Is also best you see how you can download the PingExpress App and then create your Account from your App

Free Ping Express Mobile App Download To Send Money To Nigeria

This is just very easy, All you just need to do here is to visit the below link and then proceed to download.Free Ping Express Mobile App Download To Send Money To Nigeria

Download The App on Google Play Here
Download The App On App Store Here

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Now you downloaded the app, then proceed below to see how you can as well sign up for an account for free.

Steps To Sign Up With Ping Express

Once you are done with your download and installations then follow the below process to create your Ping Express Profile for free.

Open up the App and then click on Sign Up. Note, you can as well sign Up via web at

Fill out the Sign Up form that requires following details
-1 Send From
-2 First Name
-3 Last Name
-4 E-mail Address
-5 Password
-6 Confirmation checkup that you are not a robotPing Express Sign Up

Once you are done filling in the information in the required space, then finally click on Submit & Create Account.

At this point you are just very good to go after with you have also confirmed or verify your account.

NOTE: If you are staying in NIGERIA, you can not really download the app or sign up to it once you try doing that below is what you will see with the image illustration “This item is Not available in your CountryFree Ping Express Mobile App Download To Send Money To Nigeria

So this is how it’s been done. Now you can log in your account and start sending money to Nigeria or other parts of the country. Please note that creating of account is just free.

Ping Express Login

This is just very easy, Trust me on this. However, you can follow the below step to log in for free and fast.

Visit the site at and click on Login at the top of the page or open up the app which you downloaded to your mobile phone and also click on Login

Once the Form for Sign In opens, then enter the Email Address that you use in creating the account as well as PasswordPing Express Login

After providing the info, then finally click on Log In.

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Please make sure to enter your Login ID (Email Address & Password) Correctly so as not to have any problem why Logining in. Nevertheless, you can as well use the comment box below in asking any of your questions or dropping your opinions about this Free Ping Express Mobile App Download To Send Money To Nigeria and other countries.